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Garden Bronze Cherubs

No one misses the decorative perspective that cherubs add to the garden. Our cherubs catalog features cherubs of all kinds including indoor and outdoor cherubs for a celestial decor, bronze cherubs for adding to a tabletop theme as well as garden cherubs which do beautifully as gifts gifts or as memorial gifts. Whether you are seeking a cherub planter or a larger cherub statue to add a presence and movement to the garden, cherubs are bound to intrigue with their celestial and divine connotations.


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Bronze Springtime Cherub Sculpture

Bronze Cherub with Bow

Dance of the Cherub Puttis - Bronze


Bronze Springtime Cherub, $350.00 #15461  


Bronze Cherub with Bow, $840.00 #15462

Set of Large Bronze Sculptures, $1,795.00 #14987  

Dance of the Cherub Puttis - Bronze, $995.95 #14979 


Cherub and His Bunny


Memorial Statue for Garden


Set of 2 Baby Cherubs



Cherub and His Bunny, $99.95 #12086



A Guardian for Kitty, $59.50, #3036


Set of 2 Baby Cherubs, $74.95 #30298


Bronze Cherub Musician, $599.95 #14986










Little Praying Cherub Boy


Little Cherub Boy

Little Praying Cherub Boy, $49.95 #30297




Cherub with Birds on Finials, $210.00, #30366


Little Cherub Boy,

$49.95 #30299