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Our cherub figurines are suitable for home and office decor. For those who love something celestial, cherubs and angels are just beautiful beings we can place on our tables to remind us that someone is watching over us. Our choice in cherub figurines range from unique praying cherubs which will make nice music gifts to reading and sleeping cherub figurines.


Large Set of Bronze Cherub Candle Holders, $995.00

Set of Garden Cherub Figurines

Story Teller Cherub and His Friend

Praying Cherub Figurine

Cherub Figurines Set

Large Set of Bronze Cherub Candle Holders, $49.95 #20548    Two Little Cherubs, $98.00 #12402CH   

Story Teller Cherub and His Friend, $58.00 #11087

Boy Angel Statue, $59.95 #17500 Cherub Figurines Set, $110.00, #32004  
Welcome Sleeping Cherub Rocks Cherub Lamp Sleeping Cherub Statue Reading Cherubs for Celestial Home Decor Pair of Praying Cherubs

Welcome Sleeping Cherub Rocks, $75.00 #20600

Sleeping Cherub Lamp, $69.95, #23171   Sleeping Cherub, $38.00 #20546   Reading Cherubs, $68.00, #36561 

Pair of Praying Cherubs, $55.00 #19545

Thinking Cherubs Trio Singing Cherub Figurines Cherub Statues Set of 2
Thinking Cherubs Trio, $72.95 #20601 Church Singing Cherubs, $79.95 #12871

Nature's Cherubs, $69.95 #8511